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red rose arch with newly wed couple sitting under it while looking over a stunning view of a lake in Switzerland


There’s just something special about shooting with film. Film gives a real depth to the colors and shows subtle details and textures that are rarely found when shooting digitally. Every photograph has a beautiful, timeless, and dreamy feel.

Photographing with film creates mindfulness for me, and in turn, it enhances my creativity. In the age of instant gratification, perfection, photo manipulation, etc., it’s nice to have an artistic medium where I can escape these “cravings.”


I love film photography because it reminds me to just think before shooting. It helps me to slow down, be aware of my surroundings and stay in the moment. It teaches me to be patient and appreciative of the little things.

It really is a true art form. Shooting with film takes careful planning and attention to detail. It allows me to, again, slow down and be more intentional with my shots to create unique, almost cinematic, images. I enjoy taking that extra step to ensure everything is perfectly in the frame and ensure the moments I capture will be authentic and show the genuine emotions and feelings of the day.

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