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  • What is your photography style?
    I would say my style is mostly documentary with a little bit of portraiture. I absolutely love capturing candid moments and the little details that make your event unique, but I also understand the importance of posed portraits and how to create flattering and emotive image.
  • What kinds of events do you do?
    I like to photograph life events, so everything from weddings, engagements. baby showers, bridal showers, birthdays, debutants, bachelorettes, bachelor parties, and even dinner parties!
  • How many photos will I receive at the end of an event?
    Every roll of film has about 35 exposures. So, depending on the event and the amount of time spent photographing, you can receive anywhere from 72 to 324+ pictures.
  • How long does it take to get our pictures back?
    Expect to receive your pictures back within 5 months of the event.
  • What are your travel rates for destination weddings?
    Travel rates depend on various factors, such as mileage, lodging, flights, Uber costs, etc., and prices differ for every wedding or event.
  • How exactly does film work?
    All film has layers that consist of light sensitive emulsions and filters, with the most important layer being the one that consists of tiny light sensitive grains of silver halide (color film has 3 layers of halides, each sensitive to a different part of the light spectrum). when you load the film and then take a picture, the camera briefly exposes the film to the light reflecting from the surface of whatever you are photographing. The exposure basically burns an imprint of whatever you're photographing onto the emulsion of the film and creates a "latent" or invisible image. To turn that invisible image into a negative, the next step is to develop the film. After that, I scan the negative to digitize the images and send them to you!
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